HDS-600RS - Design

The SlingLoaded HDS-600RS comes with some great design features like a touch
sensitive display and award-winning programme guide.

A design for your lifestyle

At EchoStar Europe added-value is not just something we strive for, it’s in our DNA.

We are dedicated to supplying state-of-the-art products packed with innovative features that optimise the performance of digital television networks and deliver enriched entertainment experiences to consumers with a focus on usability.

Our products are designed with versatility in mind, from field upgradeable connected devices to fully-integrated market proven placeshifting and home networking solutions. We place a strong emphasis on delivering features that will enable pay TV operations to be more competitive while providing features that provide additional opportunities for ARPU growth.

Added-value: reliability, versatility, usability.

Our products truly are beyond the box.

Touch Sensitive

No more mechanical buttons

The HDS-600RS’s front panel is equipped with the latest touch-sensitive technology. Ultra modern touch sensitive buttons replace traditional push-buttons which glow as they respond to your touch. Perfect for daytime and night time operation.

Remote Control

Sitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, the high-spec remote places all your entertainment options at your fingertips

The easy to use remote control gives you effortless accessibility to a wealth of digital entertainment at the touch of a button through the programme guide. The remote can be programmed and even taught to control your TV as well as the device. This makes it your perfect companion to enhance your viewing experience.

Sling Indicator

Lets you know when the TV anywhere feature is enabled

A funky addition to the HDS-600RS; the Sling Indicator activates when you use the exciting SlingLoaded® TV anywhere feature. Chasing lights indicate that you are watching your TV on your Mac, PC or mobile device. Prefer not to have the lights? No problem. You can turn them on or off in the settings menu.

Programme Guide

Ensures access to your entertainment quickly and effectively

The HDS-600RS is equipped with a user friendly programme guide that provides efficient access to all your digital entertainment channels. The guide ensures swift navigation through all TV channels, your personal recordings and connected TV apps, serving On Demand content straight to your TV set. Connect to an HD TV set using the HDMI® cable and you will get the guide in crystal clear high definition too.

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