HDS-600RS - Features

The HDS-600RS is packed full of great features: watch, pause, record live TV in HD
and watch your TV anywhere with fully integrated SlingLoaded technology.


Watch Multichannel Standard and High Definition TV

Designed with the speed of modern day life in mind, the HDS-600RS allows you complete control of your digital entertainment experience - wherever you are. You can watch multichannel TV from Freesat+, anywhere with your PC, Mac or mobile with the unique SlingLoaded TV anywhere feature and access catch up & connected TV apps such as BBC iPlayer+.

Freesat+ gives you access to over 150 TV & radio channels as standard plus On Demand TV from the BBC iPlayer+. You have the ability to pause, rewind & record live TV and content is available in glorious high definition.

As all the channels are subscription free all you need is a set-top box like the HDS-600RS from EchoStar, a satellite dish and Internet connection. If you have a HD TV the HDS-600RS is fully compatible so once connected with a HDMI cable a crystal clear HD viewing experience is available.

Why Freesat+?

  • 150+ digital TV and radio channels
  • Pause, record and rewind live television
  • On Demand TV+ from the BBC
Visit the freesat website

Your TV anywhere

SlingLoaded® TV anywhere from EchoStar gives you the opportunity to watch Freesat in standard definition anywhere, on your mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac. This unique feature allows you to control your digital entertainment remotely at home, at work, on the train or on holiday - your entertainment is available at the touch of a button.

The iPhone, Android™ phones and Blackberry are just a selection of popular devices that are supported by downloading the SlingPlayer® Mobile for your phone. The SlingPlayer® Mobile can also be used on your tablet to watch and control your HDS-600RS in standard definition.

If you are a Mac or PC user you can view using the Internet based SlingPlayer® by connecting your HDS-600RS to your TV set via your broadband router and creating a Sling account, you will then be able to watch your TV anywhere.

Watch TV on your Mac or PC online at

  • Watch your live and recorded TV anywhere
  • iPhone, iPad, Android all supported with SlingPlayer Mobile
  • Set and review your recordings remotely from your mobile device

Smart phone
Mac or PC
Watch TV anywhere on your smart phone using SlingPlayer Mobile. SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad and Android tablets is your fastest route to multiroom TV. SlingPlayer online allows you to watch your TV on your Mac or PC - wherever you are.
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* To watch and record TV anywhere on your mobile device you'll need the SlingPlayer Mobile app which is sold separately. Please see www.myechostar.com/support for a full list of compatible devices. TV anywhere requires that you connect your HDS-600RS to the Internet via your broadband router. Please note that you can only watch TV anywhere in standard definition and some catch-up and connected TV apps+ can not be used with TV anywhere.

Connected TV Apps

The HDS-600RS delivers catch-up and connected TV apps+ to enhance your entertainment portfolio.

Once you've connected your box to the Internet via your broadband router, you're ready to make use of a number of great apps such as BBC iPlayer+ provided as part of freesat's On Demand Service.

With TV anywhere and more apps to follow, the HDS-600RS delivers an all encompassing online experience.

+Smart TV services, including on demand and catch-up TV, are operated by third parties and availability of such services is outside of EchoStar's control, as such EchoStar cannot be held liable if any service is unavailable.

Record, Pause and Rewind Live TV


The HDS-600RS allows you to record all your favourite TV programmes on a huge 500GB hard drive - this is ample space for up to 300 hours in standard def or 100 hours in High definition. TV anywhere allows you to set and review your recordings remotely from your favourite mobile device. Series link ensures that all your favourite programmes are recorded at the touch-of-a-button.


Concerned about missing the action? Don't worry. You can now leave the room without missing any of the action - pause live TV for up to an hour.


Missed something, a goal or vital ingredient? No problem as you don't miss anything with the HDS-600RS. Rewind live TV directly from your remote control to ensure that you can watch again, and again, and again.

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