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  • How long is my warranty on the box?
  • What is 'Trailer Booking'?
    • Trailer booking allows you to schedule the recording of an individual programme or series directly from a programme trailer on BBC channels. During certain trailers, a ‘Book Me’ message and green button icon will appear in the top right hand corner of your TV screen (see figure 1).

      Pressing the green button will present a list of booking options (see figure 2), by selecting one option only you may record a single programme or the complete series, the selected item/s will then be automatically placed in your recording schedule and will be highlighted in the TV guide. In order to use trailer bookings your HDS-600RS must be updated to software version 119R or later.

      Please see 'How can I find my current software version?' and see here for details of the latest software update.

      Figure 1 - Book Me' icon


      Figure 2 - Booking options pop-up


  • How do I turn off subtitles on my HDS-600RS?
    • To turn off subtitling there are 2 options:

      • Press the "SUB" button on your remote control and select "OFF" using the UP/DOWN buttons, then press "OK" to select.
      • Please go to Menu>Settings>Languages>Subtitles and select "OFF" using the UP/DOWN buttons, then press "OK" to select.
  • Some recorded events are only recording for a few seconds
    • Our Support Team has recently received feedback from a small number of customers about some scheduled recording events not being fully recorded. We would like to apologise for this inconvenience. We have identified that this is a software issue and not a hardware problem and confirm that we now have a software fix for this issue.

      An affected program will be listed within the main library as a successfully recorded event but the duration length will be listed as a few seconds. When attempting to playback this event the duration will also be for a few seconds also. This does not affect a specific channel or recording event type.

      There is now a new software release (117R) that provides a fix for the above issue and we recommend that you update your box as soon as possible. Initially, you can get the update over the internet or by manual download. We hope to make the update available by over-the-air download in due course. Please continue to frequently check these support pages for updates.

  • Where can I buy an HDS-600RS?
    • The HDS-600RS is available from a range of UK retailers both online and In-store. You can see an overview here.
  • What do I need to watch my TV anywhere?
    • Firstly, you’ll need to connect your HDS-600RS to the Internet using your broadband router. If you want to watch on your Mac® or PC you’ll need to create a Sling Account and you can watch online at http://uk.slingbox.com. If you want to watch TV anywhere on a mobile phone, device or tablet* you’ll need to buy and download the SlingPlayer® Mobile that corresponds to your device. See www.myechostar.com/support/tvanywhere for further details.

      * If you have an iPad or an Android tablet you need to buy and download SlingPlayer® Mobile for phones and not the tablet specific app due to issues with compatibility with the HDS-600RS.

  • How much TV can I record on my hard drive?
    • With the 500GB hard disk drive in the HDS-600RS you can record up to 300 hours of digital TV in SD, or 100 hours in HD.
  • Are Freesat and TV anywhere subscription free?
    • There are no subscription fees for Freesat or TV anywhere. However, if you want to watch TV anywhere on your mobile device you need to buy and download SlingPlayer Mobile – see www.myechostar.com/support/tvanywhere for further details.
  • How do I get new software updates?
    • EchoStar may from time to time release new software updates for your product.

      There are 3 simple ways to get software updates:

      • Over the air via the satellite signal.
      • Via the Internet.
      • Manually download from myechostar.com.

      Updates are normally made Over-the-Air (OTA) via satellite so your unit receives these updates automatically. A pop-up message will be displayed on your TV screen whenever an update has been received.

      Software updates are also available via the Internet. It is therefore recommended that you connect your HDS-600RS to the Internet via your broadband router. When an update is available, a pop-up message will be displayed on your TV screen. All you need to do is follow the instructions to install the update. Please note that you must have an active and stable Internet connection to successfully receive the download. After the download appears to have been completed, please check to see if the latest version is registered in the menus (how to check software version). If your first attempt was not successful, please try again at a later time of the day - due to network loading at peak times, updating over the Internet may occasionally take longer than is expected.

      Alternatively, you can download the latest version of software from Support section and manually download it to your product using a USB Flash Stick. For detailed instructions, please consult the User Guide.

  • Can I record and watch a different channel?
    • Yes. The HDS-600 has 2 tuners which allow you to record one channel while watching another. Please note that for this functionality, a dual LNB with 2 cables connected to your unit is required. One cable should be connected to tuner 1 and one cable to tuner 2.

  • Does the HDS-600RS have a "live pause" feature?
    • Yes, and more! In addition to enabling you to pause and resume a channel you are watching for up to 1 hour, your HDS-600RS automatically starts to save everything as soon as you tune to a channel. So, as long as you don’t change channel, power-off your box or put it into stand-by you can rewind for the length of time you’ve been watching a channel up to 1 hour.

      Please see the User Guide or Getting Started for detailed instructions.

  • How does "live pause" work?
    • Press the pause button on the remote control and the picture will freeze (see Getting Started or consult your User Guide). Then press "rewind" to go backwards. You can then press the play, rewind, fast-forward, skip forward and/or skip back buttons to revisit any of the stored content up to a maximum of one hour from the current time.

  • Will I be able to keep my recordings if my HDS-600RS requires repair or replacement?
    • Unfortunately, we can not guarantee to keep your recordings on your hard disk drive should your unit require repair or replacement. EchoStar can not be held responsible for loss of any data stored on the hard drive.

  • How do I change my single LNB to a dual output LNB?
    • In order to take advantage of the twin tuner for features such as record one channel whilst watching another, you must connect the HDS-600RS to two separate satellite LNB cables (see User Guide). Please check with your installer or see www.freesat.co.uk for details on the set-up required for Freesat+.

  • Can I switch from using one tuner to using the two tuners?
    • Yes. However, you will need to connect the second tuner to a second cable from your satellite, please see User Guide. You may require an upgrade to your existing installation. In this instance we recommend that you contact your installer or see www.freesat.co.uk for more details.

      Once you have connected your second tuner you will then have to perform a factory reset to allow the unit’s second tuner to operate. For instructions on how to do this, please consult your User Guide.

      Note: The factory reset will delete any future recordings you have scheduled, but will not delete existing recordings.

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