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Controlling your TV - HDS-600RS

The HDS-600RS remote control has a number of buttons that can be used to control your TV. These are:


To be able to use these buttons, your HDS-600RS remote needs to ‘learn’ the appropriate codes from your TV’s remote (you could also program the remote with the appropriate control codes for your TV - see User Guide.

To capture the control codes from your TV’s remote control:

  • Position the HDS-600RS remote and the TV remote facing each other, on a level surface, 10cm apart.


  • Press and hold down the ▼ and OK keys together. The Main Menu button will flash briefly and, after about 5s, will remain illuminated. Release the ▼ and OK keys. The remote is now in its learning mode.
  • On the HDS-600RS remote, press the key you want to programme, for example Volume +.
  • On the TV remote, press and hold the corresponding key (in this case, Volume +). The Main Menu button flashes; when it stops release the remote key.
  • The HDS-600RS remote has now learned the code for this function.
  • Repeat the procedure (from step 3) for the other keys you want to programme.
  • When you have finished, press the OK key.
  • The Main Menu button will flash rapidly 10 times to confirm programming is complete and return the remote to its normal mode.