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Switching on HDS-600RS for the First Time

Press (On/Standby button) either on the remote or on the front of the unit. The HDS-600RS may take up to a minute to power up the first time. When initialisation is complete, the Setup Wizard is displayed. This will guide you through the process of setting up your satellite signal and detecting Freesat channels.

Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your HDS-600RS.
Press OK to start the installation process.


Tip. The HDS-600RS will start the installation process when it locates the home transponder – this may take several minutes.

Setup stage 1 - Entering your Postcode


  • Using the numbered buttons on the remote*, enter your postcode. The HDS-600RS requires your postcode to be able to access your correct regional programme listings.online
  • If you make a mistake, press the RED button to delete the last character you entered.
  • When you’ve entered a valid postcode, you’ll be prompted to press the BLUE button to continue. Check that the postcode is correct before you do so.



*This method of text input is called multi-tap: the same system used to enter text messages on mobile phones. Each key represents 3 or 4 characters. For example, the “2” key represents a, b, c and 2. To enter a b character, you would press the “2” key twice. To enter a number 2, you would press the key four times. If you need two successive characters that are on the same key, enter the first one, then pause for a few seconds before entering the second one. So, to type b2, you would press the “2” key twice, pause, and then press the “2” key a further four times.

Setup Stage 2 - Setting the PIN (optional)

The unit now gives you the option to set a PIN code to restrict the viewing of any programmes broadcast or recorded with parental guidance advice. Before a user can view these programmes, they will need to enter the PIN code.


  • Use the ▲ and ▼ keys to choose the required option:
    • No PIN Protection
    • Set PIN Protection
    • Press OK to accept.
    • If you select Set PIN Protection, use the numbered buttons on the remote to enter a PIN number.
    • Press the BLUE button to save the PIN.



    Tip. If you don’t enter a PIN, the unit will use the default code “0000”. If you have forgotten your PIN, see resetting pin.

    Setup stage 3 - Searching for Services


    The HDS-600RS starts a search for channels and compiles a list of the TV and radio services it has found. The bar at the bottom of the screen indicates progress.

    About Freesat

    Freesat offers over 150 digital satellite TV and radio channels including BBC and ITV HD channels. It is a subscription-free service with channels and services being added all the time. For more information, and a complete list of channels, visit: www.freesat.co.uk

    Watching TV

    Once the HDS-600RS has successfully completed its search for channels, the screen shown above is displayed. If this is not the case, see Tuner Issues on the next page. Press OK to watch TV. The unit will show the first channel in its list of detected channels. All done!