Ultra Slim box - HDT-610R - Design

The Ultra Slim Box is the world's slimmest DVR and it is proudly
designed in the UK.

Cool British design

The Ultra Slim box is proudly designed in Britain with the focus on delivering a low-profile design that fits seamlessly and comfortably into any living room. It’s the world's slimmest DVR; designed to save space, and look good. The cool aluminium chassis - finished in black - will fit comfortably within your home entertainment system. Despite its size it is packed with features - including HDMI®, Ethernet and an optical S/PDIF for connecting to a suitable home theatre amplifier.

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Ultra slim profile

The Ultra Slim box is only 14mm deep, making it the slimmest DVR in the world. Overall the dimensions of the box are 270mm (wide) x 204mm (depth) x 14 mm (height).

The product is clean and crisp; even the logos employ a sympathetic use of colour, and there is only an infra red sensor and a power button on the front.

Remote Control

Sitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, the high-spec remote places all your entertainment options at your fingertips.

The easy to use remote control gives you effortless access to a wealth of digital entertainment through the award-winning programme guide. The remote can be programmed and even taught to control your TV as well as the Ultra Slim Box. This makes it the perfect companion to enhance your viewing experience.

Programme Guide

Ensures access to your entertainment quickly and effectively.

The HDT-610R is equipped with a user friendly programme guide that provides efficient access to all your digital entertainment channels. The guide ensures swift navigation through all TV channels, your personal recordings and connected TV apps, serving On Demand content straight to your TV set.

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