Ultra Slim box - HDT-610R - Design

The Ultra Slim Box is the world's slimmest DVR and it is proudly
designed in the UK.

Packed with connectivity

The Ultra Slim Box comes with a great choice of connectivity, ensuring that it can operate to a high standard alongside your existing home entertainment portfolio.

You can watch one programme whilst recording another thanks to the twin tuner and a built-in 500GB hard disk. The S/PDIF port ensures that you can connect to a suitable home entertainment system for Dolby® Digital Plus.

To ensure that you get crystal clear pictures in glorious high definition, the HDMI® port allows you to connect your device to your HD-Ready or Full-HD TV. When you connect via HDMI®, it has the added bonus of upscaling standard definition to a higher resolution, optimising picture quality and your viewing experience.

Twin Tuners

Watch one channel whilst recording another, or record two channels whilst watching a recording.

For maximum flexibility, the HDT-610R is fitted with a twin tuner, which means you are able to watch one programme whilst recording another or even watch a recorded programme on your hard drive disk whilst recording two programmes.


Ensures the highest picture quality

Using the HDMI® cable supplied to connect to your HD TV enables you to watch television in high quality. The Ultra Slim box comes with a HD programme guide which means you can also view all the channel information in colour-rich high definition when connecting via HDMI®. Note that you can only use HDMI® to connect to your TV.

Ethernet & USB

Connect to a wealth of online entertainment

Connect the device to the Internet via your broadband router in order to access Smart TV+ services such including BBC iPlayer; you can also access the Internet for software feature updates. The USB port allows you to upgrade your unit using software that can be downloaded using a USB memory stick.

+ Smart TV services, including on demand and catch-up TV, are operated by third parties and availability of such services is outside of EchoStar's control, as such EchoStar cannot be held liable if any service is unavailable.

Digital Audio Output

Enhance your audio entertainment experience

A S/PDIF Port enables you to connect your Ultra Slim Box to a suitable audio or home theatre amplifier to get the very best digital sound. A perfect compliment to high definition viewing, giving you access to your entertainment with the best possible audio experience.

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