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  • My box doesn’t switch on and appears to have no power.
    • Please check that the AC Power adapter is plugged in to the power socket, that the 12V connector is properly connected to the back of the HDT-610R and that the power socket is switched ON.

      If the problem persists, please ensure that there is power running to your sockets, try a different power socket and a different AC mains lead. Power failures are rare unless there has been a power surge to your equipment. Common losses of power are faulty surge protectors or local power outages. Check that any wall switches or power strips that are powering your HDT-610R are on and functioning correctly and if you’re using a power strip please plug the box directly into a wall socket. Check that the front panel powers the box and shows light activity. If not then press the power button on the front panel to see if the HDT-610R powers up. Please note that it can take up to 2 minutes for the reboot process to be completed.

      Note: we recommend that any power issues in your home are investigated by a fully qualified electrician.

  • I have a bad picture on my TV set when connected to my HDT-610R.
    • Please check your connections:

      Make sure you are using a qualified HDMI® cable, ensure it is firmly connected to the HDT-610R and your TV set. Check that you have selected the correct video input on your TV set (HDMI®) by consulting the user guide for your TV set.

      Press “main menu” to see if the menu is displayed.
      Note: the channel you were watching might have stopped broadcasting or alternatively your terrestrial signal may be too low thus causing a black screen.

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  • I have no picture on my TV.
    • Try changing channel: the selected channel may be off-air.

      Check that the HDT-610R is plugged in, switched on, and has had sufficient time to power-up.
      Make sure the HDT-610R is not in standby mode (you can bring the box out of standby by pressing the standby button on the front of the box). Ensure the HDMI® cable is firmly connected to the box and to the TV, that the antenna cables are firmly connected to the box and are not faulty. Finally make sure that the TV is not set up to receive an input from a different device such as a DVD Player. We would also recommend checking that the TV brightness level is set correctly.

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  • I have a good picture but no sound.
    • Ensure that the audio connection (HDMI or optical S/PDIV) is firmly connected to the HDT-610R and your TV set. Check that the volume level of your TV or audio amplifier (if connected) is set at the right level or that the HDT-610R, TV and audio amplifier are not set to MUTE.

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  • I have loss of picture, a poor picture or poor sound quality.
    • Try another channel; the problem may be due to a transmission fault. Ensure that the antenna is installed correctly (away from high buildings or other (metal) obstacles) and is providing a good signal level and a good quality signal. Picture quality may be temporarily affected by bad weather (heavy rain, snow).

      Check the signal level coming from your antenna. If you have poor signal strength you should consult your installer as you may need to repair or upgrade your system to gain a stronger signal. You should ask your installer to check the antenna for damage as moisture inside it will affect signal strength and quality.

      Check that the antenna input cables are connected properly. We always recommend that your consult a professional installation engineer for any issues connected with areal antenna system set-up.

      Please see the User Guide for detailed instructions on how to check signal strength.

  • My remote control isn’t working properly or I have damaged it.
    • We advise running through the following checks. Does the remote LED light up on the remote when you press any button on the remote? Ensure that you are holding the remote control correctly with the lens at the top and pointing at the front of the HDT-610R. Ensure that the infra-red window on your box is not covered and that the remote control is within operating range. Check that the batteries are not discharged and are in good condition. Try removing and replacing the batteries and making sure they are inserted in the correct orientation. If this fails, please replace the batteries in the remote control.

      If you have broken or damaged your remote control you can buy a replacement here.

  • The remote doesn’t control the TV or change the volume.
    • You need to ensure that your remote control is set-up correctly to control your TV. Please see the User Guide or visit Getting Started for detailed setup instructions.

  • I have a "No (or Bad) Signal" message on the TV screen.
    • Please ask your installer or qualified installation engineer check that the antenna is in good condition and have no visible signs of damage. Check that the cable(s) between the antenna and the HDT-610R are properly connected. If you have an older antenna, we always recommend that your consult a professional installation engineer for any issues connected with antenna system set-up.

  • Why do I have bad reception on some channels?
    • This could be caused by interference from another device (e.g. mobile phone, set-top box etc.). Move any such suspected device further away from the HDT-610R or the coaxial cable from your antenna. The interference received will become weaker because of the increased distance. If poor quality coaxial cable or connectors have been used for your antenna, replace them with higher quality ones, ensuring that they have the correct impedance (75 Ohm). Should you suspect a problem with your antenna installation, we recommend that you contact your installer.

  • I have a hard disk drive failure message on my TV screen.
    • It is possible that your HDT-610R has suffered an operational failure. You can watch live TV but you will not be able to record programs or watch existing recordings. Powering off and powering on the HDT-610R will start a recovery process on the hard disk drive that may cure the problem. However, if this does not resolve the problem, you may need to re-initialise the hard drive.

      To initialize the hard drive:
      Press: “Main Menu”
      Select: “Settings”
      Select: “TV, Audio & Library Setup”
      Select: “Library Setup”
      Select: “Re-Initialize hard disk” and press “OK” to confirm.

      Note: reinitializing the hard disk drive will result in loss of all your content currently stored.

      Please see the User Guide for detailed instructions.

  • My HDT-610R did not record a programme.
    • Check that the cable from your antenna is connected properly. Check that your hard disk drive has sufficient space for further recordings. To free-up space, delete some old recordings that you have already viewed. The box should tell you if your scheduled recordings use more resources than the product can support. Please check the scheduled recording and make changes if necessary.

      Did the box have power when the programme was scheduled to be transmitted? The HDT-610R will wake from standby to record a programme but it must have AC power connected to be able to do this.

      Please see the User Guide or visit Getting Started for detailed instructions).

  • I have lost my pin code.
    • You can use the master PIN code: 2846. Use this to access the menu again and for resetting your personal PIN code again.

  • I cannot change channels while recording.
    • The HDT-610R has 2 internal tuners. This allows you to watch and record one program using one tuner, and simultaneously record a maximum of 2 other programs using the second tuner. An attempt to change to a third channel is not possible without cancelling one of the recordings already running.

  • How do I check my signal and quality levels on the tuners?
    • Press “Main menu” and select “Settings”
      Select “Technical Info”
      Select “Signals & Network Info”
      The Signals & Network screen shows 2 signal bars with signal quality and strength for both tuners
      To the left of each bar is a small circle. If the circle has a tick (), the signal or quality is satisfactory.
      Press “exit” to go back to live video.

  • My box is not working. How can I get it repaired?
    • On the rare occasions that your HDT-610R may not appear to be working as expected, we recommend several checks prior to returning your box: to the point of sales.

      For installation issues:
      If the signal level on the tuner is low and there may be a problem with your antenna installation. You should have this checked by your installer.
      Where possible, connect another Freeview receiver and check the signal levels. Should a channel scan on the alternative Freeview receiver show that several channels are working correctly on your TV set, then the HDT-610R may be faulty.

      Please continue to a) below.
      If you’re still unable to receive channels, please contact your installer to perform an installation check.

      For Freeview service issues:
      For all questions related to the Freeview service please contact Freeview (www.freeview.co.uk).

      For further assistance and other issues:
      Please check the FAQ section of our website. If you’re setting-up your box for the first time, see Getting Started.

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